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Habib John Gonzalez, Sustainable Works, 1-250-354-9711, 1-780-438-0821,  Workshops, seminars, plastered bale wall construction work party facilitator, moisture monitoring, straw sources, permit application support data.

Battle Lake Design Group, An award winning team with extensive experience in residential and commercial bale building design in B.C. and Alberta. Pre-engineered bale building plans available in co-operation with Acius Engineering.

Acius Engineering,  The structural engineering firm with commercial and residential bale building experience in both Alberta and B.C.


The Last Straw Journal, The international voice of plastered straw bale construction.


“Design of Straw Bale Buildings” (2006), by Bruce King, Green Building Press, ISBN 0-9764911-1-7; The most up to date guide to the architecture and engineering of plastered bale walls.

“The Straw Bale House” (1994), by Steen, Steen and Bainbridge, Chelsea Green Publishing, ISBN 0-930031-71-7 A large how-to and reference book, a bit outdated. To appreciate the Steens’ continuing work, visit them at:

“Build It With Bales” Version 2 by S.O. MacDonald & Matts Myhrman, ISBN 0-9462821-1-9, The load bearing bale wall handbook that inspired many projects in the early 1990’s. Rich in a variety of solutions to make simple small homes.

“Straw Bale Building” (2000), Chris Magwood & Peter Mack, New Society Publishers, ISBN 0-86571-403-7, a Canadian book ideal for the novice builder.

“Buildings of Earth and Straw” Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw-Bale Architecture, Chelsea Green Publishing, (1996), ISBN 0-9644718-1-7, By Bruce King. The title explains it all; clear and concise fundamentals of how these walls work by the founder of The EcoBuilding Network.


Plastered Straw Bale House Plans:

Battle Lake Design Group, together with Acius Engineering have created a series of affordable pre-engineered plans for B.C. and Alberta.

Owen Geiger provides a broad and imaginative variety of designs.

Helpful Web Sites:

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Since 1984 this Canadian federal housing authority has sponsored research and testing in plastered straw bale construction. This is a link to its most recent compilation of this work.

Ecological Building Network a vast resource on testing, building code reform and “building well.” Publishes downloadable research reports.

Development Center for Appropriate Technology They test, they build, they teach and rebuild building standards around the world. Lead by the globe trotting “recovering contractor” David Eisenberg.

Global Straw Bale Network International discussion group of invited professionals with open archives to the public. The topics are the cutting edge methods, materials and science of building with bales.

SB-r-us Online discussion group lead by the ever trenchant Robert W Tom.

The Canelo Project The works of service and beauty by Athena and Bill Steen, authors of The Straw Bale House.

Building Science:

“The tested ways and means to the progressive improvement in human habitation without ideology or social engineering. I’m not having any of it…” Groucho Marx

Building Science Corporation The expert team who maintain the science in building science, Joe Lstiburek and John Straube. They offer a large library of free research articles on all aspects of the built environment, with constant attention to moisture and ventilation issues.

House Talk “The real green from the real experts” Architect Ann Edminster and engineer Bruce King brew a broad and heady mix of up to date building knowledge based on their many years as practitioners and authors in their respective fields.